Crufts Dogshow is the biggest and most famous Dogshow in the World. Crufts takes place in the NEC in Bimingham, UK. The Pedigree Juniorhandler of the Year is sponsored by Pedigree and has the oppurtunity to represent his/her Country at Crufts in the International Juniorhandling-finals.  I had the chance to represent Germany twice (2003 and 2004) and one year later (2005) Monaco. In 2005 I became "Runner Up Best Juniorhandler at Crufts 2005" - "Res. International Juniorhandler".
* International Junior Handling Final at 2005
* International Junior Handling Final at 2004
* International Junior Handling Final at 2003
Junior Handling Finals 2005
it is unbelievable...

Runner Up International Juniorhandler at Crufts 2005
went to Monaco (represented by Katja Rauhut from Germany).

Judge was Mr. Luis Pinto Teixeira from Portugal.

I can´t find any words for this fantastic result.
It has been my very last Juniorhandling competition ever!!
And I´m proud to be the first German who had the great honour representing Monaco and winning res. BEST IN SHOW Juniorhandler at Crufts!

My first dog was "Molly" the Australian Shepherd- Kennel "Allmark".My Swap dog was a Beagle named "Tia" who did excellent. Her first Handler became also 3rd best Juniorhandler at Crufts.Thanks to the Judge Mr. TeixeiraThanks to Mum who supported me thw whole competitionMany thanks to Mrs. Cartledge who organized the event very well again! Thank you friends!Thanks to Paula and Roger Dictus and Tanja who taught me to become a very nice, talented and patient Dog Handler. You always helped me to get better and better. Thank you
Also Crufts 2004 was a great pleasure...

Here you can see my first dog- the Weimaraner.
Judge was Mr. Lovensjkaer from Denmark.
I represented Germany again 2004 after 2003.
My Swap dog was an Sibirian Husky who did also very very well.
Gratulation to all Participants!
Junior Handling Finals 2004
Junior Handling Finals 2003
Crufts 2003 was wonderfull.
It was my first Crufts Experience.

What an Experience for every passionated Juniorhandler. Simply Fantastic! 

My first dog was the Tibetan Terrier "Guiness".Actually he did very good. But he loved the poodle female in front more than me :)My second dog was a Golden Retriever.
He did excellent.
J U N I O R H A N D L I N G   W I N S